The NRA has been called a lot of things since it was founded in 1871 and San Francisco just added “domestic terrorist organization” to the list. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the resolution in the wake of several mass shootings including the one in Gilroy, California. The NRA quickly responded, calling the actions, “worthless and disgusting.” The organization is also suing the city for defamation.

Brian Shapiro and JD Sharp seem to be in opposite camps on this particular issue. While Shapiro does not necessarily agree with San Francisco’s classification of the organization, he does feel the NRA is somewhat responsible for the stream of violence that’s swept the country. Instead of a terrorist organization Shapiro feels the NRA is like the tobacco industry in the sense that their profits are driven by an unhealthy product. “Running a company that sales tobacco, it kills people, it’s bad for society…and I think the NRA is very similar,” Shapiro said.

Sharp points out that by this line of thought Anheuser-Busch and other beer and alcohol companies could also be classified as terrorist organizations. Sharp goes on to agree with lawsuit that the NRA has filed against the city of San Francisco, expressing that it’s a lawsuit they’ll “easily win.”

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