“Not The Worst Mom” and funny lady Sara Buckley joined the TVT crew to talk comedy, Trump’s derrière and secrets on keeping marriage sex hot.


Buckley was asked if her comedy act includes anything political or Trump related. Buckley made it clear she steers away from any analysis on foreign policy and the State of the Union: “I just appreciate how thick he is.” Shapiro asked if she was referencing Trump’s “man boobs.” Buckley clarified: “It’s his backside. I’m a little jealous. He’s more blessed than I am in that area.”


Since Trump talk was already in the mix, Shapiro asked Buckley if she thinks Trump and Melania actually have sex. “I think she’s contractually obligated for once or twice a month. I just picture a nicely matted frame (of the contract) that he points out to her regularly.”


The mention of contractual sex naturally led Shapiro to broach the subject of keeping things hot in married life. Buckley, who married her high school sweetheart, said (about her hubby): “We keep it spicy.” She claimed the heat is still there after several years together and three children.


Shapiro didn’t seem convinced that marriage sex can be hot, offering his parents as a prime example. Buckley dropped the trifecta of what she feels works for her marriage: (#1) Keep it a priority (#2) Talk to each other and (last but not least) (#3) TOYS.


The topic of toys sent Shapiro into a whole diatribe on how intimidating it can be for a man, once a dildo kit gets whipped out in the bedroom. JD Sharp also agreed on the intimidation factor for most guys: “You feel replaced, you don’t feel necessary.”


Buckley strongly disagreed and offered an alternative female perspective: “You’re a project manager and you have a very important job ahead of you.”


JD asked for advice for male listeners who may feel emasculated when their lady asks for some good vibrations in bed. Buckley responded: “Think of it as everyone is having fun. Even before you get to use your equipment, she’s having a good time and it’s still attributed to you.” Buckley then offered a caveat and reiterated the importance of communication beforehand: “You can’t just spring it on them. It might be a little weird.” Buckley shared that her husband is totally cool with it, and even bought her some of her first toys. (What a man!)


Even though she’s fairly new to stand up, Buckley has been killing it in the comedy scene, and on social media. Buckley said she’s only been doing standup for the past year, but feels totally comfortable on stage. The memorization of jokes was challenging in the beginning, due to her ADHD, but she’s fully confident in her material which helped combat any jitters. 


Buckley cited an infamous Steve Martin quote as her comedy inspiration. “Be so good, they can’t ignore you.” This philosophy has worked well for her so far. She also draws inspiration from Howard Stern, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Seinfeld, and Tom Segura. Buckley has developed her own style and the “not the best mom” concept, which offers average moms relatable material to laugh off their frustrations. Buckley spoke of the immense pressure moms often feel to be “Pinterest perfect.” “I figured as long as I’m not the worst mom out there, I’m good. That’s the bar I set for myself.”


Buckley is a Vegas native, but surprisingly, she’s never stepped foot in a strip club. She has seen male revues Thunder from Down Under and Magic Mike, but isn’t a big fan of the whole male-twerking thing. She offered suggestions for what could actually be sexy to her: “Get up there and chop some wood or something, change a tire.”


Shapiro asked whether Buckley would bang an unattractive man for money (a la Stormy Daniels). This naturally led to exploring members of the TVT crew, including producer Jason, who Shapiro pointed out is four feet tall. “He has a face I can breast feed. Come to Mama,” Buckley replied. This led to two confessions – one from Shapiro, that he finds breastfeeding “attractive and sexy,” and one from Buckley, who shared that a creepy uncle once maintained eye contact with her while she was breastfeeding. It was on Thanksgiving, so luckily there was a dinner roll handy for to her to throw at him.


TVT opened the phone lines for fans to chat with Buckley, who established through this interview that she’s truly an open book. One caller asked about online dating apps, and if she’s ever tried them. Buckley admitted she’s never done the online thing and “they sound awful, I’d rather die alone.” She reiterated that she’s been with her husband since high school, and they actually met way before, in sixth grade. Sharp pointed out that sounds much closer to a Taylor Swift song than a hookup on Tinder.


Buckley waited until the very end to drop a bombshell, showing that her marriage isn’t completely this wholesome, Disney G-rated love story – both she and her husband have cheated on each other at one point in their marriage. She didn’t give up the juicy details on TVT, but instead, directed fans to her podcast @ntworstmarriage. Both Buckley and her husband give insight into how they survived cheating. 


We’re assuming it’s a “Toy Story.”


For more laughs from the lovely Ms. Buckley, be sure to add her on Facebook, Twitter, and IG @nottheworstmom. She’s definitely not the worst TVT guest by any stretch of the imagination. 

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