Rep. Sean Duffy is facing backlash for his comments that questioned the patriotism of decorated war veteran Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Twice Vindman has raised concerns over President Trump pressing Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Rep. Duffy suggested that Vindman’s heritage may override his allegiance to the United States. “I understand that we all have an affinity to our homeland … I’m sure Vindman has the same affinity,” Duffy said.

Brian Shapiro, Chris Winn and JD Sharp all agreed that Rep. Duffy’s remarks were unwarranted. “Another case where you’re discrediting someone because of their heritage,” Winn said.

Shapiro compares the remarks on Vindman to the “embarrassing” and “disgraceful” Trump press conference but says this is much worse. “You’re going after a guy that not only risked his life for his country…but that has the Purple Heart,” Shapiro said.

Duffy’s comments were most likely sparked by Col. Vindman’s testimony on the now infamous Ukraine call. According to the New York Times Vindman’s testimony states that there were several key words and phrases left out of the Ukraine call transcript.

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