Seth Moulton, U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 6th Congressional District, Joins TVT, to discuss President Trump’s State of the Union Speech and his controversial decision to walk out.

On February 4th President Trump conducted his fourth State of the Union. The majority of the reactions are split along party lines. There, Republicans cheered influential Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At the same time, Democrats applaud Nancy Pelosi’s very public decision to tear up the President’s speech.

Shapiro asks, what triggered you walking out of the state of the union. Moulton answers “I left the State of the Union after President Trump . . . started talking about all the good he’s done for the military.” Moulton states, “this is not true.” 

Moulton goes on explaining, Donald Trump is a draft dodger who has pardoned a known war criminal. Moulton states, “he’s been terrible for the military,” in the face of President Trump’s recent success against ISIS and the revitalization/modernization of the U.S. military. 

Shapiro asks, what is your take on Republicans chanting four more years during the State of the Union. Moulton replies, “it was totally inappropriate.” Moulton explains, the real problem is Republicans are scared of President Trump, they will say how they distaste the President in private, but in public endorse the President. 

Shapiro asks, what is your opinion to the Republican backlash against Mitt Romney’s vote to impeach President Trump. Moulton answers, “it’s so pathetic . . . They think that it’s selfish to actually have the courage to do the right thing.” 

Moulton continues, saying Mitt Romney had courage to go against Mitch McConnell and the party line. In Moulton’s mind, following the Republican party line is a violation of their ethical oaths as members of the Senate. 

Shapiro comments, “I have a lot of respect for Mitt Romney.” However, “I think it’s sad that we lived in a day and age today that you vote your conscience and you take your oath seriously, and we have to call you a hero.” 

Shapiro continues, “we shouldn’t have to praise him to high end for doing what he is supposed to.” Moulton replies, “the founders of our country set up the impeachment process with the understanding that we might sometime get a lawless president. We might get a president who’s just out for himself.” Moulton goes to assert that this perfectly describes President Trump.


Moving on, Shapiro asks, what is your take on Matt Gaetz’s reaction to Nancy Pelosi tearing up the President’s speech. Moulton answers, “Matt Gaetz is thinking he can get on tv.” Moulton explains, “he tries to say the most radical thing possible, so he gets covered. That’s what he is thinking; I know him.”

Shapiro asks, “can you explain” President Trump’s decision to award Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Moulton explains, “Donald Trump just has no respect for the institutions of the United States Government.” Moulton continues, we’ve witnessed President Trump challenge the social norms of governance and politics. Awarding Rush Limbaugh is another challenge to the status quo.

Shapiro comments, “I would imagine many of your Democrat friends were appalled by” Rush Limbaugh being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Shapiro asks, “have you heard any republicans” voiced a similar concern. 

Moulton explains, “the thing is they’re all so scared of his public persona and his ability to attack you politically.” Moulton continues, Republican’s therefore, fall back on the argument President Trump is playing to his base. Moulton comments, when are we going to leave the politics behind. We need to focus on what is good for the people and the country. 

Shifting to the impeachment trial. Shapiro asks what’s your take on John Bolton and his refusal to voluntarily testify, but at the same time publish a tell-all book. 

Moulton replies, he is “saying one thing and doing the opposite.” Moulton goes on, “basically, he wants to clear his name by telling what really happened and showing he’s not complicit.” Moulton continues, “at the same time, he wants to have the courts force him to testify.” 

This would allow John Bolton to say he never wanted to testify against President Trump. However, he would have to follow the court order; essentially, John Bolton would have his cake and eat it too. Moulton ends by saying, “and yes, he is trying to profit off his book in the meantime.”  

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