Seth Moulton, U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 6th Congressional District, Joins TVT, and Chris Winn, to discuss President Trump’s successful air strike against known Terrorist Qassem Soleimani. 

Shapiro asks, concerning the underlying justification proved for the airstrike against Soleimani, an imminent threat, “have you been satisfied at all with briefings you’ve received.”

Moulton responds, “this document needs to be declassified.” The only reason that it is classified is because of a few words which could be redacted. Moulton continues, “every American needs to know exactly what this so-called imminent threat was and what is not.” 

Sharp comments, “as a result of the death of Soleimani, Congress and Pelosi have recommended a bill called the Wars Powers Resolution Act.” Sharp asks, how would this bill affect the President. 

Moulton explains the bill does not add new restraints on the Executive branch’s war powers. Moulton comments, “it just follows the Constitution . . . The War Powers Resolution just reinforces that.” Moulton goes on, “If the President really thinks we need to go to war with Iran,” then come to congress and make the case.

Shapiro asks, concerning this bill, “are you surprised Matt Gaetz voted and sided with the democrats one this one.” Additionally, is it fair to say Matt Gaetz voted for Nancy Pelosi over President Trump.

Moulton responds, “Anybody who says that Matt Gaetz voted against Donald Trump and for Nancy Pelosi, is reducing this to a political question. When it’s a question about national security, it’s a question about the United States Constitution.” 

Shapiro asks, what do you make of President Trump’s remarks during a rally in Ohio on Jan 9th. There, President Trump indicated his refusal to inform democrat leadership of the Soleimani airstrike over concerns of democratic leadership leaking information to the media.

Moulton responds, “He is required to tell a group called the gang of eight.” Moulton continues, “there has never been a case in the history of the gang of eight leaking intelligence like this.” 

Sharp comments, “is he required to still talk to the Gang of Eight when the person he is trying to kill is [] consider a terrorist, like Qassem Soleimani.” Moulton explains the President should have informed the Gang of Eight because Soleimani held a high-ranking political position in Iran.

Shapiro asks, “What do we see now looking forward. In your estimation, could this be world war three.” Moulton answers, “no, no, that’s a ridiculous exaggeration.” However, “our decisions to take him out like this was just a stupid move that could bring us to a brink of war.” 

Moulton continues, “we haven’t once discussed what the administration’s own national defense strategy says is the greatest threat to American, which is China.” Additionally, “we have talked about Russia, which has all these nuclear weapons aimed at us. Those are the main threats to the United States of America.” Moulton goes on, Iran is a distraction from the real threats to this country; no one wants another war in the middle east.

Sharp asks, “do you think Iran was involved” in the death of Soleimani. Moulton responds, “We have good intelligence” that they were not involved. However, a consequence of taking out Soleimani, “has empowered the hardliners. It’s made a martyr out of someone who was a strong anti-American hardliner in the Iranian government.” 

Moulton goes on; we now see a complete reversal in Iran in the same places where there were protests against hardliners like Soleimani. Moulton explains, there was hope for Moderates to gain political control in Iran. Moulton now thinks those chances for political change in Iran have reversed.   

Shapiro asks, what are your thoughts on Pelosi tactics about sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Moulton answers, “what she has been trying to do is make sure the Senate has a fair trial.” Moulton explains the American public wants to wear from John Bolton and what was going on behind the doors of the executive branch. Moulton continues, “I think she has been smart to hold off a little bit here, but we can’t hold off forever. What I’ve heard is she wants to set [the trial] next week.” 

Lastly, Shapiro asks, “what goes through your mind when you see Mitch McConnell go into the white house and have private meetings with Donald Trump before this Senate Trial begins.”

Moulton responds, “Mitch McConnell is throwing the Constitution out the window.” Moulton explains that Mitch McConnell’s role is to serve the American public and protect the Constitution, not the President.  

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