“It’s been almost 24 hours since we’ve talked about sex dolls,” Shapiro stated, signaling the TVT crew was jonesing for some serious, analytical discussion on mannequin-effing. 

A “Sex Doll Brothel and Sex Club” was advertised as coming (and also arriving) to central Vegas. The website lasvegassexdollsexperience.com describes the fun, sexy times you can have “spending time interacting with dolls in a private room, for an hourly rate.”

The concept has stirred quite a bit of buzz and controversy with members of the general public, but TVT needed an expert to weigh in on the matter. Sheri’s Ranch’s own super articulate hottie, Roxanne Price, called in to give her take on the takeover of sex dolls.

Shapiro asked if Roxanne feels intimidated that the sex doll brothel could potentially hurt her bottom line: “My business is actually fine. I’m not seeing any of the effects of it. The idea is just pretty infuriating and upsetting.”

Roxanne elaborated: “If this idea becomes popular, it doesn’t say anything good about sex worker rights, or human rights in general. I’m just worried about a doll having more rights than a real life sex worker. It raises suspicions from an ethical point of view.” 

When asked how a sex doll should be distinguished from any other sex toy, Roxanne pointed out a super creepy tag line that was initially included on the sex doll website: “Our dolls will never say no.” The line has since been removed. “There’s no idea of consent here,” Roxanne stated. “Dolls can’t speak and provide consent.”

Sharp pointed out that in a sex doll brothel, there would be a complete absence of conversation and the “negotiation” that happens with human sex workers (prior to initiating any sexual contact). Sharp felt the sex doll concept “objectifies women to the highest degree.”

Roxanne articulated a very important point on the dangers this can pose for real life sex workers: “Most men can understand it’s just an object, a sex toy, a fantasy, but some may have a warped view. It may lead to them objectifying women in real life.”

The conversation then shifted to Roxanne’s work at Sheri’s Ranch. She couldn’t state on air how much she charges per hour (Nevada law prohibits any monetary discussion not conducted on brothel grounds, in a private room) but she did share some juicy anecdotes on life at Sheri’s. 

Roxanne’s Twitter profile indicates that she provides the GFE (Girlfriend Experience) This can actually mean several different things: “It’s an authentic, non-rushed encounter that can be sensual and sweet. Sometimes, it’s just my customer and I being authentic with each other, and being our true selves.”

Roxanne has worked at the Ranch since she was 19 years old. She just recently turned 25. She was asked if anyone famous, or any politicians have ever come through the Ranch doors. “No, but even if they did, I wouldn’t talk about it,” Roxanne said. She denied ever seeing President Trump walk into the Ranch (but we may never know the truth, since she won’t kiss and tell).

Shapiro asked if guys are generally ever just “dicks” to her at the Ranch: “I definitely have an asshole tax for that,” Roxanne stated. “But I’m an independent contractor. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.”

Roxanne shared that she’s originally from Texas. When she left home and set her sights on Pahrump, she kept her job at the Ranch a secret from her family. But of course, they found out anyway. Roxanne stated they’ve ultimately expressed their support and she’s lucky to have such a loving family: “This job is not for everybody, but it feels sustainable to me. I can do this in a safe and healthy way.”

The conversation then shifted back to sex dolls, and the disgusting question of what the “sanitation process” actually looks like. Roxanne pointed out that condoms are mandatory at the Ranch, meaning she has to turn down clients who ask for unprotected sex (even if they’re offering her a half-million dollars). Roxanne stated she has no problem with the condom rule: “I don’t want to make babies,” she said. “And it’s illegal, I could get fired.”

Shapiro then interjected that he doesn’t wear condoms with human women, so he certainly wouldn’t want to strap up with a doll (TVT groupies take note.) He then preached for about five minutes straight about the benefits of prostitution and why it should be legalized (although he may fight to veto the condom rule).

Just when we thought we were in the clear on the “sanitation” discussion of the sex dolls, Shapiro pointed out that producer, Jason Stein, is a “big fan” of dolls. This naturally led Shapiro down the mental path of how horrifying it would be to have to “follow him.” 

Roxanne stated that it’s possible the expectation is for every client to “clean up after themselves” after use of the doll. Shapiro again brought up producer Jason, and that based on what he knows about him, he’d probably do a “half-ass sloppy job” with the cleanup. 

So as TVT fans were all throwing up in their mouths a bit, a caller named “Jim” (surely that’s his real name) was waiting on the phone line, ready for his moment to talk about sex doll luvin. Sadly, Jim couldn’t wait the five minutes, and ended up hanging up. Shapiro said it was fine – he must’ve had a sex doll to tend to.

If you want an actual gorgeous, real life woman, with no fears of “sloppy doll sanitation,” visit the beautiful Roxanne Price at Sheri’s Ranch, or hit her up on Twitter @roxannepriceGFE

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