The Clark County Republican Central Committee has been dysfunctional for far longer than I care to admit, but things are changing for the better.

When I was first elected treasurer 5-years ago they owed the Rio, Les Olsen & Company and others. The division never waned and the arguments continued. Then Chief of Staff William Stieren asked if I could put together a fundraising dinner. My response was absolutely and the success of the dinner held at the Italian American Club helped ease our financial responsibilities.

The next year I ran the Lincoln Day Dinner health again at the IAC. This time the speaker invited was Colonel Allen West. The resounding success of this affair paid off 100% all debts and provided working capital for the CCRCC. Yet once again we fell prey to more scrutiny and malice. Our chairman resigned and the new chairman, David Sadjak, took the reins. The turmoil remained and actually got worse because the new chairman was basically Joe Biden before Joe Biden was “elected” President.

The next 2-years saw the membership dwindle to 200+ and each meeting becoming worse than the previous ones. With the new elections this past July upon us, the energy grew, the passion to take back our county grew and the new slate appeared to be the best we’ve seen in over a decade. Sadjak and friends attempted to rig this election by expelling Jesse the eve before the elections!The night we were to have the vote Sadjak & friends did the only thing possible for the CCRCC to overhaul itself. They didn’t have a vote, they allowed for us to have another meeting based on Roberts Rules and we actually voted in Jesse Law & his entire slate overwhelmingly. It should be noted that the folks who were running on the opposing side chose not to attend the meeting at the AHERN hotel.

This brings us to today. The “Rogue Buck Team” have attempted and failed in court to take back the CCRCC. They have been told by the state party that Jesse Law has been recognized as the Chair along with his slate. Yet the “Rogue Party” still didn’t concede. Then 2-weeks ago they were sent a “cease & desist” from the RNC as the RNC also recognizes the Law Team as the rightful leadership in Clark, County.Despite all the push back the Law Team has shown the passion & energy to succeed. They are now using Technology to handle sign in’s, each meeting we are seeing at least 75 or more need sign ups for membership. These are numbers we haven’t seen in almost 20-years!

On February 8th we will have the candidates for Governor Debate. This event is already “SOLD OUT”. We have the Lincoln Day Dinner this year and by Monday we should everything ironed out with location and guest speaker.

If you want change, I challenge you to become apart of the CCRCC Army!!

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