You can probably hear the screaming coming out of Twitter. Tesla billionaire and bad boy Elon Musk purchased Dorsey’s old platform amid a hail of feathers and panic. Despite attempting to quite literally poison itself, the Board had no choice except to hand over the keys to the birdcage and howl uncontrollably.

Musk hasn’t had time to unlock the cages, but he’s certainly twirling those keys around and enjoying the colour drain from the faces of his peers in the ultra-privileged class. He insists this acquisition is about his love for free speech – he’d like to turn a profit too – but there’s probably a little bit of Musk that enjoys tormenting Left-wing royalty by letting them glimpse the beaks and talons of the public they kept as slaves.

He was correct when he described Twitter as ‘the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated’. That is precisely why members of the Democrat Party want the whole place controlled. Do you imagine the ‘Build Back Better’ AOCs of the world and ‘Great Reset’ crazies want the public debating the pros and cons of bug recipes?

The distress from the Left is what you get when a power structure smashes.

Imagine it – adults that claim to believe in a fair, tolerant, free, open, and inclusive world have lost their collective marbles because Twitter censorship is about to collapse. They’re not mad because someone has come to silence them or limit their endless demands for strangers to ‘respect their nonsensical pronounces’. No. They are furious because other people will be allowed to disagree without Daddy Big Bird erasing them from the internet.

We are not talking specifically about Millennials – AKA spawn of the predatory Marxist school system. The loudest cries of pain are coming from senior members of the Democrat Party, doctors who have spent two years lobbying for big pharma, and mainstream media journalists who can feel Twitter yanking their broadsheets out from under them.

Their terror is not about ordinary people freely conversing which each other. These privileged people, who have enjoyed the trappings of power for too long, are worried that without Twitter’s censorship the public will be able to tear holes in the approved narrative.

While free speech naturally includes untruths (welcome to humanity), when the whole of society is allowed to speak at once in a roar of noise – lies are the causalities and truth the victors. If Elon Musk allows Trump back onto Twitter, the Biden presidency, along with the Democrat’s plan for the next election, will have a tough time surviving.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren, who famously pretended to be of Indian descent to qualify for special privileges, appears to have forgotten that the nation she serves enshrined free speech as its most important pillar.

This deal is dangerous for our democracy. Billionaires like Elon Musk play by a different set of rules than everyone else, accumulating power for their own gain. We need a wealth tax and strong rules to hold Big Tech accountable. One billionaire should not be able to turn the world upside town.”

Apologies if anyone fell over after being hit in the nuts with that hypocrisy.

Warren wasn’t alone, with Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin having a meltdown. “[Musk] said he wants to make [Twitter] this global message board. My first question to him, ‘Is your message board going to include Donald Trump?’ That’s a key question. If he lets that man rant and rave on Twitter, not in the best interests of America.”

Durbin is a perfect example of how far out of control the Left have gotten.

In what reality is it Durbin’s role to decide what public speech is and isn’t in the best interests of America? If the founding fathers were still alive, they’d view Durbin and his Democrat mates as enemies of the people for seeking to violate the sacred right of citizens to speak freely.

Ignoring the old communist ‘steal from the rich!!!’ line, Warren and the Democrats have never had a problem with billionaires owning important societal assets. Before Musk, Twitter was owned by billionaires – one of them a powerful Saudi prince who also owns large chunks of other American industries. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have extraordinary portfolios, with Amazon colluding with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram in previous years to erase their market competition and silence dissenting voices.

Facebook profits off of disinformation. That was true when Donald Trump was allowed on the platform, and it’s still true today. He should be banned for good, but that won’t solve the larger problem. We still need to rein in disinformation and protect our democracy,” said Warren several years ago.

Ex-President Barrack Obama was also out, loud and proud, arguing for urgent rules to ‘protect the future of democracy’ by forcing social media giants to censor political voices that they (who gets to be ‘they’?) deem harmful.

There’s a word for politicians who seek to ban their opposition – authoritarian.

As for ‘disinformation’ – the Left don’t care about disinformation on social media platforms. Twitter’s official guidelines include ‘facts’ that are known to be false – statements specifically about Covid, for example, that have been thoroughly disproved by the World Health Organization and yet Twitter continues to ban people for stating the truth.

The demand of ‘truth’ from humans on a social media platform is an unreasonable request to start with. Social media platforms are not news publications. Humans should be allowed to talk as much bollocks as they like, just as they would down the pub. That’s what a public forum is. Defining objective truth, even for the simplest of things, is a nightmare. We are neither a factual nor a literal species. We are social creatures who have perfected the art of talking rubbish all day and night. To understand why the same people who say ‘live your own truth’ (rather than the truth) are trying to control the content of the public conversation, you have to accept that to the Left, Twitter is not a public forum. It is a political tool.

The purpose of Twitter is to manipulate the public into accepting increasingly dystopian and collectivist policies through the coercive power of peer pressure. The Left want Twitter to be a crucible where anyone who refuses to melt into the crowd is contained and expelled.

As current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal tweeted after the announcement that Musk had purchased the company, “Twitter has a purpose and relevance that impacts the entire world. Deeply proud of our teams and inspired by the work that has never been more important.”

Purpose? What purpose… Twitter should be a curiosity that we nurture. It is the first time in human history that hundreds of millions of people from all over the world are able to interact with each other in real time without the approval of their ‘lords’ and ‘masters’. Truly, and I say this without exaggeration, Twitter as a concept – a global public forum – is a major disruptor to the political power of the world’s regimes who have, for thousands of years, relied on the tight control of information to keep people under their control.

Today, if one country goes to war with another, ordinary people on both sides can converse with each other and decide whether they actually want to be fighting. Similarly, if a prince, premier, president, or prime minister decides to enact some kind of terrible policy – their citizens can debate its merits and organise a resistance.

This is where we get to the screaming cries of ‘disinformation’ written under every post about free speech. When they say ‘disinformation’, they mean ‘comments that challenge our approved truth’.

Free speech means competition – it forces every idea to defend itself.

A fear of free speech is a sure sign of a controlling, manipulative, emotionally insecure dictator without an argument. Basically, most politicians.

The truth fears no one. Lies fear everyone.

Think of it this way. Twitter has not launched a censorship campaign against people tweeting about the Earth being flat. You could dedicate your entire online life to this cause and not a single worker ant in Silicon Valley would stop you. Why? Because the truth is solid. It is not threatened by the ‘disinformation’.

Who is frightened by ‘disinformation’?

The barons of Big Pharma and their supporters have been the most vocal in complaining about Musk’s desire to create a free speech paradise. They’re not just terrified, they’re petrified of the public and previously banned doctors being allowed to challenge the official narrative on the safety of Covid vaccines. If they had nothing to hide, Big Pharma would stand its ground without a tremble. Instead, they are going into a tailspin, freaking out that people will be allowed to post stories about vaccine injury, death, or other medical failures that could result in billion-dollar court cases.

If Elon Musk unlocks the cages of Twitter, it will be a free for all. Inconvenient and damaging truths will rise until they escape Twitter and find themselves a court room with real judges, real juries, and real money.

Mainstream media are equally terrified. They have enjoyed a monopoly on truth by encouraging social media to ban their (superior) free market competition. Movements like Black Lives Matter were allowed to burn down suburbs belonging to the poor while their leaders pocketed millions and bought themselves mansions because mainstream media protected them. In the same way, freedom protests that rose up around the world against outrageous government power during the Covid pandemic were quashed because the media ran wall-to-wall hit jobs.

I hope you won’t become a platform for spreading misinformation as that’s not what free speech means.’ – Adi Gaskell, writer for Forbes.

Twitter is not a newspaper, but it does carry news content where ordinary people post information constantly as primary sources – outpacing every single media empire on the planet. What happens when the shackles are off and people can immediately challenge self-censored media lies? Is it possible publications are frightened of losing their business model?

By far the most revealing comment came from Democratic strategist Steve Jarding.

“I’m a big free speech guy, but this stuff isn’t working. It’s terrorising democracy, and from that perspective I think it’s bad for Democrats, in this sense: These Republican alt groups tend to dominate. They tend to have much more of a footprint on these social media platforms than Democrats do.”

No, Jarding, you, nor Warrneennor Durbin nor Obama are ‘big on free speech ’ – you’re a censorship luvvie that has openly admitted that the Left’s control of social media has been used to protect the Democrat’s rule from the criticism of American citizens.

Shame on all of you.

It’s time to unlock the birdcage and see what flies out.

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