The one and only Tom Arnold (yes, True Lies scene stealer, Ex of Roseanne) popped into TVT to share his passionate political views, as well as some good stories about famous friends.

Michael Avenatti in the TVT studio was the perfect intro for Arnold to provide his take on impeachment proceedings. “Dr. Fiona Hill is amazing. She has more courage than the entire Republican Party. She’s calmly laying it all out, and they’re pushing back, like ‘What about Hunter Biden?’” It’s sad to see these congressmen and women making fools of themselves, to have these amazing people who’ve worked their whole lives for diplomacy. It’s sad for our country. It’s embarrassing.”

Avenatti interjected that if they call Hunter Biden to testify, we need to call Jerry Fallwell Jr. as well.

Arnold is well-versed in the scandal, as he pointed out that Falwell went to court recently because of shady business dealings with the “pool boy,” in addition to reported lewd photos. “These guys are heroes for coming forward. He’s (Falwell’s) got fixers to get these young men to shut up. In 2016, Jerry Falwell was supporting Ted Cruz, then all of a sudden (Michael) Cohen reminded him he still had the pool boy pictures, and said ‘It’d be great if you supported Donald Trump.’ That turned the tide. The evangelicals pushed the agenda that Trump is the most like Jesus.”

The discussion on corruption in politics shifted to the topic of Ohio Representative and Trump defender, Jim Jordan. Jordan came under fire for allegedly ignoring rampant sexual abuse while he was assistant wresting coach at Ohio State. The perp was Ohio State doctor Richard Strauss, who was found (through an independent investigation) to have sexually abused 177 male students over two decades.

“First of all, I believe them,” Arnold stated. “There’s a history of people in gymnastics and wresting programs who get away with this, they literally turn a blind eye.”

Arnold has been open about his own childhood sexual abuse, and is a strong proponent for educating the general public on the immense psychological trauma this inflicts on victims. He spoke about Jim Jordan with great disdain, and asked what he’d say during a face to face, he didn’t mince words: “I’d say you’re a coward, you’re a liar. I’d get in his face. You’re no Dan Gable.”

Arnold stated that when he got sober, he confronted his abuser, as an adult. “I went and found the pedophile and confronted him, and 30 other boys came forward. I don’t care if you’re 13, 14, 15, it’s still trauma. It sticks with you. It’s buried into your brain.” Arnold gave an example of even remembering what the laundry detergent smelled like in his abuser’s home. His own son turning four highlighted the sickness and perversion of what his abuser did to him. “My kid turned four and I thought, wow, I looked like that?” 

“They should’ve had hearings in Congress so America could’ve learned about the trauma. We couldn’t even do that with Epstein because Trump was a buddy of his.” Arnold also applauded the Me Too Movement for giving a voice to victims.

The conversation then shifted from the political arena to Hollywood, where Shapiro brought up disgraced members of the elite- like Kevin Spacey and Weinstein.

“Weinstein was a guy who was just, can I say asshole?” Arnold asked, to which the TVT crew gave a collective “yes.”

Arnold was a much bigger fan of Spacey: “I liked Kevin Spacey. He was odd, but very talented. Sad he preyed on young guys.” Arnold recalled a film screening he attended in Germany, where he was promoting his film Gardens of the Night. Spacey was also in attendance and it was revealed he kept a picture of himself at the bar with his finger up a guy’s butt. “We were all like, what the hell is wrong with Spacey?”

Shapiro asked the gold standard Tom Cruise question – Does he like women? Arnold replied, that yes, he “loves women.” Cruise’s Ex, Mimi Rogers is a personal friend of Arnold’s and a frequent player in his celebrity poker crew. The Wonder Years actor Dan Lauria and legendary Ed Asner also join and are “really good players” according to Arnold. Mimi Rogers also “has it going on.”

When asked if he ever takes his love of poker to Vegas, Arnold stated he actually prefers slots since he’s “a little on the spectrum.” He also brings his kids who think “Vegas is like the moon or something, it’s like the best place on Earth to them.”

Shapiro couldn’t help but bring up Jamie Lee Curtis’ smokin’ hot bod on the set of True Lies. When asked if he ever saw her naked, Arnold gave a jovial “Yeah!”  He continued: “She’s a free-spirit. It was freakin amazing. The crew loves her.”

The interview couldn’t be concluded without name-dropping the person who introduced the endearing Mr. Arnold into our lives and hearts- Roseanne Barr. Asked when he last saw Roseanne, Arnold said: “It’s been a long time, maybe at her roast. First time I talked to her in 18 years.” 

 Arnold is active on Twitter @TomArnold but doesn’t interact much with those who may be “trolling” on social media. “I could care less,” Arnold said. “They just repeat the same thing anyway.”

Hopefully, Mr. Arnold will repeat another great interview with a live appearance on TVT.

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