ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a raid in Syria after a five-year manhunt. While the death al-Baghdadi has sparked debate around what this means for ISIS the most heated debate seems to stem from Barrack Obama and Donald Trump comparisons. While President Trump was the first to compare the Baghdadi raid to the Obama era raid that lead to the death of Osama Bin Laden; politicians, political commentators and late-night show hosts alike have used the opportunity to showcase the stark differences between Trump and his predecessor. Length, language and tone of their individual announcements have been compared for better or worse.

Brian Shapiro, JD Sharp and Chris Winn agreed on some points but overall, they were split. Shapiro feels this could have been a good moment for America, but President Trump ruined the moment with his comparisons. “It’s a good story for the country, it’s a good story for the world but unfortunately Donald Trump brings up Osama Bin Laden, brings up Barrack Obama and he says the Osama Bin Laden killing was not as big,” Shapiro said.

While Sharp agrees that Trump’s delivery was not as polished as Obama’s he still feels Trump is being treated unfairly. Even though Sharp does not condone Trump diminishing the killing of Bin Laden he feels that mainstream media has worked to belittle the importance of a successful raid led by Trump. “I have a bigger issue with the Washington Post referring to this clear-cut terrorist as an austere religious scholar just to downplay what President Trump clearly spearheaded,” Sharp said.

What’s your take on the killing of al-Baghdadi and Trump’s portray of the situation?

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