Peace talks with the Taliban are “dead” according to President Trump. Many are more upset about the failed meeting location and timing more so the notion of the peace talks being dead. Trump planned to host the Taliban at Camp David the week of the 18th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Brian Shapiro and Chris Winn point out that Republicans, Democrats and even people in Trump’s cabinet disagree with the location of the peace meeting.

“It is the week of the anniversary of 911 and why did we go to war, it was because the Taliban were harboring terrorist…” Winn said. While Shapiro supports Winn’s statements a caller did not feel the same way and even went so far as to label Winn and Shapiro’s “anti-Trumpism” as “anti-American.”

JD Sharp agrees with their qualms over the location of the meeting but has no issue with Trump wanting to establish dialogue with the Taliban. “Taliban is not a terrorist organization…he (Trump) was inviting people who have influence in a country where we’ve been waging war with for almost 20 years,” Sharp said.

Despite the debate over the location Sharp stresses the peace talks would save lives, “Americans have died and a lot of Taliban have as well,” Sharp said.

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