President Donald Trump’s supporters are fervent and loyal.  Six years ago DJT proclaimed he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and people would still vote for him.  This is a signature example of the truth, sarcasm, and humor in Trump’s made for TikTok/Twitter syntax.

The reason it’s true is because his base believes in him.  Some of his supporters wish he were different in some respects (like saying the aforementioned out loud), but they also believe he was the best policy president in their lifetimes.  So while most Republican voters would give the former president the benefit of the doubt, when it comes to murder on the streets of New York City, Republican Voters in Southern Nevada believe they know better than their leader when it comes to picking candidates.

Trump endorsed Adam Laxalt for U.S. Senate a year ago and this has been the Laxalt campaign’s biggest pitch to voters.  Laxalt has been a Trump ally throughout the turmoil of the 2020 election, as well as his presidency; the same cannot, necessarily, be said about his “big name” counterpart and gubernatorial candidate Dean Heller.  America First voters point to Heller’s support of impeachment as a deal breaker, even though he has since made amends with President Trump, and could be why he is consistently polling so low in his bid for governor.

Since Laxalt received the endorsement, he has been seen at Mar-a-Lago more often than The Ahern Hotel (in Las Vegas) and frequenting Fox News and with Steve Bannon more than Grabet TV and with Johnny Bru (in Las Vegas).  This may be a winning campaign and fundraising strategy, but it isn’t winning the hearts of the grassroots conservatives.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo received the coveted Trump endorsement a few months ago, even while former gubernatorial candidate Michele Fiore was buying commercials in Florida for Trump’s attention and current candidate Joey Gilbert was traveling to meet Trump at events in other states to solicit his endorsement.  Lombardo was said to be the frontrunner before the endorsement and after Trump gave him the nod, Lombardo has repeatedly said publicly that the race is over and he is the winner, insinuating the primary election on June 14th is merely a formality.  There are over a dozen other Republican candidates and thousands of voters that seem to disagree.  

With the election on Tuesday, Laxalt and Lombardo received some help in the form of Donald Trump Jr., Kash Patel, Matt Schlapp, and Ric Grenell holding an event at Stoney’s in Las Vegas to stump for the two frontrunners and supposed “sure things.”  This is when Nevada voters got to show how individualized they are.

First things first, of all the Republican candidates for governor, Joey Gilbert draws the biggest crowds by far.  If there was a Donald Trump Jr./Joey Gilbert Event, it would not be held at Stoney’s, they would need a venue more akin to a theater or basketball arena.  The event at Stoney’s attracted approximately 220 people.  Detractors have nicknamed Lombardo “No Show Joe,” trying to point out his lack of public appearances and portrayed unwillingness to debate.  He did indeed show up to the event but spoke first and left immediately, explaining that he had to tend to an officer’s family who had just lost their patriarch in an untimely death.  The current sheriff was heckled constantly, the crowd unrelenting but maintaining decorum, until he proclaimed he was already the winner and he would be the one to move the party forward.  He did have a group of supporters there who exploded with applause when Lombardo mentioned defeating Sisolack. 

Upon leaving he was ambushed by activist and candidate Mindy Robinson, who peppered Joe with questions about the Route 91 massacre.  It appears the Sheriff recognized Mindy so he quipped family jokes, absorbed foul language, and gave sinister smiles while Mindy asked about answers for the 58 victims.

It’s curious to wonder what our esteemed guests were thinking as their endorsed candidate was unable to win over the crowd and they had to follow his opening act.

Luckily Kash Patel took the stage shortly thereafter, as he was recognized for his latest release, “2000 mules”, and any negative energy seemed to dissipate.  Adam Laxalt had a warm welcome, as well, but it became obvious that the people attending the event would much rather have Donald Trump Jr. running for Governor and Kash Patel running for Senate.

The Nevada Primary Election is on Tuesday, June 14th and while there are 15 Republican Candidates vying to face Steve Sisolak for governor, most “experts” agree Joe Lombardo and Adam Laxalt (U.S. Senate) will win.  I, on the other hand, more safely predict that the winner will be one of the following five for governor: Joseph Lombardo, Joey Gilbert, John Lee, Guy Nohra, or Dean Heller.  There are 4 Senate candidates trying to unseat democrat Catherine Cortez
and while I wish it was a two way race between Sharelle Mendenhall and William Hocksteddler (I prefer unfamiliar names with grassroot campaigns), the race appears to be between Sam Brown and Adam Laxalt. 

The country will be watching and the most comprehensive coverage of the election will be on The Johnny Bru Show, available on Facebook Live (among other providers).

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