If you’re scratching your head wondering what happened Saturday night then don’t worry, we’re just as confused by the crushing defeat that Arkansas State dealt UNLV. With the 43-17 victory Brian Shapiro questions their ability to make it to a Bowl Game, despite the rumor that Coach Tony Sanchez’s job depends on it. “In year 5 you can not lose the way that they did to Arkansas State,” Shapiro said.

Chris Winn echoes Shapiro’s statements, “They were down by over 30 points at half-time to a program in Arkansas State…this is not an indication that the program is going in the right direction,” Winn said.

While Shapiro argues that Fertitta’s monetary influence is to blame for UNLV football’s waning influence in the community JD Sharp points out that Armani Rodgers just might not be quarterback material. “Armani Rodgers clearly is not the quarterback at this point, he’s a tight end in my opinion,” Sharp said. While Sharp feels that this defeat does not take UNLV out of Bowl Game eligibility, he does support the idea of Rodgers playing as tight end while freshman Kenyon Oblad starts as QB.

The guys go on to discuss the possible effect that a bad season can have on filling the NFL stadium next season. While Saturday was supposed to be a W hopefully it doesn’t come to define UNLV’s season.

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