A Utah substitute teacher told a fifth grader her thoughts on homosexuality and how it is wrong. The week before Thanksgiving, the teacher asked the boys class “What are you thankful for this year?” As the students responded with typical ten-year-old answers, their dog, turkey, their family, not having to go to school over the holiday, one boy’s response was a bit more serious. “I’m finally going to get adopted by my two dads.” Students later said the substitute teacher snapped; went off. He said, “Why on earth would you be happy about that?” And for the next ten minutes this teacher lectured the class on her own views, on how homosexuality is wrong, and how two meant living together is a sin. She looked at the boy and said, “That’s nothing to be thankful for.”


When you think of the people who are ultra right, and call themselves good Christians, are pro-life and think abortion is murder. Obviously, whoever had this child did not have an abortion. Now you have two dads who adopt this child, and do the right thing in raising this child. And the child is appreciative of it enough to share it to his class. And now you have this hateful teacher spreading her views on homosexuality. You can’t have it both ways. If you’re pro-life, that’s fine, and you have the right to not support homosexuality. But to speak those views in front of a child who sharing in his class how he is thankful his two dads raised him and adopted him is disgusting.  This woman should never be allowed to teach ever again and needs mental help.


This boy is being adopted, and just wants a family. He doesn’t care if it’s two men, two women, one parent; he just wants a family. We don’t know if she’s mentally ill, we know she is “spreading her views.” JD Sharp believes the woman is mentally ill, saying, “No one would say that.” He goes on to say that no one who was in their right mind would be that cruel to a child who simply wants a family. Brian Shapiro argues that someone would say that; someone like Mike Pence. Mike Pence’s wife works for a school that doesn’t allow non-heterosexual staff or students, nor does he allow his wife to speak to men alone without him present. Shapiro goes on to argue that there are people like Mike Pence who are so hard in their beliefs that they don’t think in terms of understanding or kindness. Their beliefs are firm and they share them regardless.


Shapiro, “If you believe homosexuals should go to conversion therapy, then you are mentally ill.”


A Utah substitute teacher sharing her beliefs on homosexuality being a sin in response to a child, who does not have a family and is finally going to, sharing his being thankful for being adopted by his two dads is unacceptable and deplorable. Anybody who treats anybody differently based on gender or sexuality is ignorant and a hateful person. If you don’t agree with homosexuality, you are not gay, that’s your business. But don’t treat other people differently because of that. 


The people out there that want to talk about homosexuality is so awful and wrong and terrible are usually the ones that are too afraid to come out themselves, commit adultery, or are guilty of the most sins. 


The substitute teacher was escorted out after three students spoke up to other faculty. What these students did was brave, and was able to set an example that what this teacher did was wrong and unacceptable. The school handled the situation.

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