Since the pandemic started, I have lost track of how many people have turned around and said, ‘Ah… now I understand Nazi Germany.’

It is an admission that historical events involving mass delusion have remained foreign to us. We read the mechanics of World War II, but failed to understand how and why people were motivated to sacrifice each other to a violent regime. The same story exists within Xi Jinping’s modern China, where the people of Tibet and Xinjiang live in police states under the guard of their family and friends.

‘Hysteria’ is as elusive as it is enduring. Dictators use the modus operandi of a cult. Perhaps it is easier to look at a cult situation objectively, and see the depravity of a lunatic leader that has brainwashed his followers with fear and false hope before exploiting their dependency for money, power, and sexual favors.

Thankfully, the Australian government isn’t after sex from the Australian people, but our Prime Minister and state premiers have created an ideological crucible fueled by propaganda, terror, and a Messiah complex. Previously unknown ministers have found fame in front of the cameras during daily press conferences and at the same time, used their near-complete domination of the airwaves to pass pandemic legislation to expand their authority.

Discovering that politicians are mini-dictators in waiting is not exactly the revelation of the century. I am more interested in what the Covid pandemic has revealed about ordinary people. Propaganda does not work on everyone. Around 10% remain impervious to slogan saturation (in any type of hysterical event). This causes society to split, with the terrified mob visiting all of their fear onto the minority who refuse to comply.

Here is what we have learned so far:

  • Our enlightened, advanced, and supposedly ‘morally superior’ society is just as easily manipulated as a backward village in the Dark Ages.


  • Normal people are quickly swayed by authorization in service of personal fear. They will bully, threaten, coerce, inform on, and actively hurt their family, friends, neighbors, and business associates if the government tells them it will ‘keep others safe’.


  • ‘The greater good’ is central to all of history’s brainwashing episodes, including this one. To pursue ‘the greater Covid good’, it has become acceptable across the world to punish the unvaccinated with poverty, fines, prison, banishment, exile, solitary confinement, social stigma, censorship, and state-sanctioned segregation.


  • Covid has unmasked a love of snitching. Socialist regimes are famous for using citizens into an extension of the police force, but Australians turned out to be natural spies. Their enthusiasm crashed police websites and forced the commissioner to ask them to calm down. (They didn’t.) For them, it’s all about spamming social media afterwards to brag about what ‘good citizens’ they are and bask in the resulting social credit – a narcissistic activity undertaken by a civilization with nothing productive to do.


  • There is no limit to government creepiness. An app released on TikTok by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria – partially funded by the Victorian government – urged a 14-year-old to go on a lesbian ‘vax date’ behind her parent’s back with a 46-year-old woman (according to her vaccine passport).


  • Definitions don’t matter. Despite ‘trust the science’ being repeated as a mantra, information that disagrees with the ‘experts’ is disappeared while long-standing definitions (such as ‘herd immunity’, ‘vaccine’, and ‘anti-vaxxer’) have been re-written when evidence contradicted political promises. This leads to hilarious failures in print, such as The Daily Mail’s recent headline, ‘Australia APPROVES the jab some anti-vaxxers have been waiting for!’ Neither the writer nor the editor thought to ask how an ‘anti-vaxxer’ could be waiting for a vaccine.


  • Reason and logic no longer exist. Australia locked itself down for two years in order to ‘protect the old and vulnerable from Covid’. Currently, the nation is experiencing empty supermarket shelves due to severe staff shortages caused by Covid isolation requirements and sacking thousands of unvaccinated workers. Does the government allow businesses to rehire skilled young unvaccinated workers? Of course not. The Acting Minister for Jobs asked the elderly to give up their pensions and stack shelves in Covid-infected supermarkets.

To sum up the idiocy: Australia has a mandatory a hotel quarantine system set up to stop Covid getting into a nation that already has Covid. Covid-positive fully-vaccinated people are allowed to fly in and stay. Covid-negative, unvaccinated people are deemed to be a health risk and deported. Unvaccinated Australians cannot leave.

In Australia’s case, forget therapy, we’re going to need a de-radicalization program to break our addiction to fear.

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