On January 2, 2020, a Las Vegas mall was the setting for a shooting. 


TVT got to talk to a witness who had to experience some of the fear that was taking place that day. For many during this time, the first thought was that there was a mass shooting and that people lost their lives, natural after what happened on October 1, many Las Vegans are on guard. Fortunately, no one lost their life, but there were several injured. 


Witness Lebbah Kazi joins TVT on the line to discuss her tragic experience inside the Fashion Show Mall when it was gunned down. She is visiting from out of state. 


“My sister in law and I were just shopping [at Forever 21], and my brother was sitting in a chair at the front of the store just waiting for us. He was holding our purses and when he saw the Forever 21 employees running to the front door and locking it. He asked what was going on, and they informed him that there’s an active shooter. That is when he heard gunshots. He ran over to me and my sister, just screaming our names. My first thought, living in the world we live in was that there was a shooter. He tells us there’s an active shooter at the mall and our first thought was that we have to get out. We then had this moment where we realized we didn’t know what to do, and we just heard a lady scream, and then everyone in this section takes off running at the same time, and we’re all just running to the back, but not sure what we’re running towards.” 


Shapiro wanted more information on what this tragic incident felt like in the moment. “I would imagine there was a lot of pandemonium. How many people did you see running with you trying to get out of there? And then when you finally get out of the mall, what happens next?” 


Kazi tells TVT that there were a dozen people running with her. “The closer we got to the back of the store, those people who didn’t know what was happening were still shopping and going about their business. We had to try to nonchalantly get their attention. There was a security guard who was shuffling us all through, then once everyone was out, he shut the door and locked it with himself inside and then I saw him run to the front of the store.”


“When I saw him run back in, I thought of Parkland, where the school cop didn’t do anything” says Kazi. “Once we were out, we walked away from the building a bit and people were standing outside in huddles. We could hear police sirens coming in and were like ‘what now.”


Kaxi shared that she is a tourist visiting Las Vegas and that this incident leads her to believe this is an unsafe city. “Considering the 24/7 lifestyle, alcohol and everything else, Vegas is a pretty darn safe place to live. In my personal opinion, yes, there are some bad areas in Las Vegas, just like there’s bad areas everywhere,” says Shapiro. 


“Vegas is much safer than many other places in the country and I think for the most part, Metro, does a pretty darn good job and things could be much worse. But I got to tell you, this gun violence needs to stop.”


Since the incident the shooter has been arrested and taken into custody awaiting a trial. 

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